Our Services

We at Pittman Survey believe in providing our clients with an honest and accurate survey.  We provide residential and commercial land surveys to engineers, architects, lawyers,  homeowners, municipalities, contractors and other professionals.  Here are the major components of our scope of work.


Our Specialization

The surveying spectrum encompasses a wide range of categories and specificities.  If you are curious of our scope of work, here are a list of services we provide with a brief description of what is involved.

Property Line Staking

Thinking of putting up a fence, or concerned whether your neighbor's fence is encroaching? We'll be glad to assist and make sure everyone is at an understanding of where everything is.

Site Plans

Knowing where to construct your new home or building on your property, as well as ensuring it is at the proper elevation, is essential. Let us keep your mind at ease by surveying your property and providing an adequate representation of it on our surveying drafting software.

Construction Layout & Staking

It is paramount that construction projects have accurate grading, placement, and is compliant with all codes and standards. Our advanced equipment can assure you it will meet the necessary requirements.

Boundary Retracement

Sometimes what is shown on the county GIS maps, or what acreage is provided in the records, may not be completely accurate with all the title work, especially if it's an older property. We can help clarify any ambiguities with an updated survey.

Partition Survey

If you're needing to divide your property amongst family, or just wanting to cut out an acre or two to sell, we'll work with you and guide you through the process of having this partition lot finalized and recorded.

Right-of-way/utility easements

We have assisted with several projects regarding new utility layouts and easement staking. Let us help!

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