How much does a land survey cost?

There are certain factors that determine the cost of a survey. They are…

  • The acreage
  • The scope of work
    • Subdividing your property
    • Staking the property line/lines (dependent of how deep or wide said property lines are)
  • The terrain of your property
    • Is your property covered in woods? (if it very dense, then it will add to the cost due to time in the field)
    • Does your property have many hills and valleys? (if so, it may take us longer to traverse your property locating property lines and corners)
  • The availability of existing records and monumentation
    • If your property is part of a recently subdivided plat (i.e. year 2000-present), we should be able to find or recalculate your boundary corners in a timely manner.
    • If your property was recorded long ago, or if we cannot find adequate title information on your property, then it will cost more due to an extensive title search and trying to retrace the original and intended property layout.

How much will it cost if I am only concerned with finding one property line/corner?

Even though you are only concerned with one particular line or corner, we still need to find other property corners to verify that the line/corner that is in questioned is correct once we stake it. Sometimes we are unable to find adequate monumentation of your property, so we have to use other property corners, or even adjacent property corners to conclude where your property line/corner is supposed to be.