About Us

Our Story

Raymond E. (Sonny) Pittman started his surveying career in the late 70’s working for numerous engineering firms in Memphis and West Memphis.  He received his Tennessee surveying license in 1982.  Then in 1987, he took a leap of faith and decided to move his family to Munford, Tennessee to start his own business.  It certainly paid off.  After 33 years, his business has stood firm even during such hardships as the Great Recession of 2007, as well as the recent  COVID-19 virus.

Sonny’s son, Josh, has been a part of the business since 2004.  Over the years, he has developed and sharpened his land surveying skills through his education and field experience.  Together, Sonny and Josh have exhibited a reputable and honest business providing the community with accurate and affordable services.

What We Offer

Land Surveying is unique and not necessarily a trade most people can understand on their own.  Even though you may have GPS tracking on your phone, or have computer access to GIS aerial photographs or Google Earth to help guide you in understanding your property boundaries, you still need to be certain of where these boundaries are before constructing a new fence or shop on your property.  We have the proper surveying equipment needed to accurately compute and locate existing and proposed boundaries, as well as ascertaining accurate topographical data for construction elevations with our GPS equipment.  We can assure you that the survey will be done accurately and efficiently.


We Understand Requirements

There are numerous guidelines and restrictions when having surveys approved through the Planning Commission. Let us help you through the process.


We Work Precisely ​

Our society expects minimal error and consistent precision through their measurements. With our advanced equipment and drafting software, we can assure you will get nothing less in our surveys.

We Deliver Best Output​

No matter the size or specificities of a survey, we approach each one respectfully. We treat every survey with equal importance and want you to be satisfied with the results.

Our Team

Although our team may be small, we still have a dynamic group of individuals who work harmoniously with each other.  We are thankful to have two local firefighters in our community (Andrew Stroud of Atoka Fire Department, and Chris Allen of Tipton County Fire Department) who help assist us in the field on their days off.   They understand the importance of providing clients with quality service and efficient work, which is what is instilled in them.  Our clients deserve the best service provided so we only want to hire the most well-rounded individuals to accompany us in our efforts.  

We Provide the Most Affordable Services in our industry

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